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You need an HVAC company that you can trust with your business facility. You need to be sure that you, your employees and your clients will enjoy comfortable temperatures and crisp, clean air.

That company is Climate Control Heating AC & Refrigeration. We provide some of the best commercial HVAC services to businesses in Temple & Killeen, TX and surrounding areas. Call 254-231-3111 to speak with us now.

What can we do for you?

We offer a wide range of commercial HVAC services, from repair to installation services. Plus, we even sell HVAC units, so we can provide an efficient new unit for your commercial HVAC installation.

We'll also be happy to install any unit that you have purchased. After more than 10 years in business, we have the skills needed to service any kind of HVAC system. Contact us for commercial HVAC installation, replacement, maintenance or repair services today.

Commercial HVAC - Temple & Killeen, TX

Climate Control Heating AC & Refrigeration specializes in full-scale commercial HVAC in Temple & Killeen, Texas and the surrounding areas. We offer installation, repairs, maintenance, and replacement on all major brand systems on the market. And our team aims to deliver service that's so superior, it poses little-to-no business disruptions and frees you up to focus on your daily operations.

Commercial service needs higher-level expertise than residential heating and cooling requires. For one, commercial HVAC equipment is larger and tends to be more complex than residential units. Whether you need a commercial unit installed or prompt emergency repair, you can count on Climate Control's knowledgeable, experienced professionals.

Contact us at 254-231-3111 for the solutions you require. Our dedicated team will be happy to share how we can handle your unique business needs!

Commercial HVAC Available in Temple & Killeen, TX

It's a hassle to deal with a heating and cooling system breaking down. Whether it's in the hot summertime or during a cold winter spell, it gives way to unpleasant conditions within a building. To keep your buildings comfortable year-round, you need a dependable commercial HVAC company for ongoing, professional service.

At Climate Control, we have a strong, professional team that's ready to perform any installation, repairs, maintenance, or replacement needed. And at all times, we pledge your complete satisfaction and will work with you to ensure consistent comfort, maintain efficiency, and keep your bottom-line strong.

Commercial HVAC Company - Temple & Killeen, TX

Our commercial HVAC division offers:

Prompt, efficient heating & air conditioning services
Responsive, dependable service you can trust
Licensed, knowledgeable experts
Consistently high service standards & unparalleled customer care
Highly competitive pricing & a customer satisfaction guarantee
Lasting, cost-efficient solutions & services
And more!

Our team has you completely covered. We provide HVAC system design-build services; recommendations for new construction, retrofit, and renovation projects; detailed bids customized to project specifications; ongoing, professional attention to your commercial HVAC needs; and more!

Commercial-HVAC-Temple-TX Commercial HVAC for Temple, Belton,Waco, Killeen & Surrounding Areas!

Commercial HVAC Service in Temple & Killeen, TX

When looking for Temple, Texas Commercial HVAC Contractors, it's important to keep in mind many factors about commercial service:

Commercial HVAC units often have more intensive use than residential units
Commercial equipment tends to handle larger heating and cooling loads than home equipment
Commercial units can have multiple zone systems depending on your unique business conditions
On the whole, commercial setups tend to be more complex than residential ones
Commercial HVAC equipment also tends to be larger and more bulky

For these reasons and more, you need the right commercial HVAC company in Temple & Killeen, Texas at your side. Our professionals will handle everything you need: quick diagnosis and resolution of air conditioning problems, 24/7 emergency service, helping to decide repair or replacement is more economical, timely HVAC system maintenance, and more!

Find out today why so many are choosing us as their commercial HVAC partner. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business - call (254) 231-3111 for a no-cost quote!

Commercial HVAC Services

  • Light commercial HVAC installation
  • Industrial & large commercial HVAC installation
  • Engineering & design-build of all commercial HVAC systems
  • Commercial HVAC maintenance
  • Commercial HVAC service agreements
  • Heating & air conditioning repair
  • Refrigeration installation & service
  • Heat pumps
  • Air duct system work
  • Commercial building envelope repair
  • Indoor air quality
  • Air balance
  • Zoning
  • Comfort consultation